Friday, 15 May 2009

First Post!

Well, here we go then; I'm trying out this blogging lark for the first time!
This first post is going to be very random and all over the place, as I've not picked a particular thing to write about. The reason for this is that I would probably normally choose to talk about Formula 1, but I'm saving that up for Diffuse F1 when it finally goes live. If you don't know what Diffuse F1 is, it's a group blog that's being set up for F1 fans on twitter. Hopefully it'll be very exciting!
The other reason I don't want to write about F1 here, is that I'm getting rather cross with all the politics at the moment, what with the FIA coming up with silly rules and more than half the teams threatening to pull out.
So, what else? Well, last weekend I went to see Star Trek, so a few words on that would be appropriate. I thought the movie was fantastic, and all the new actors did a really good job. The only thing I wasn't really sure about was the romance between Spock and Uhura. Still, there were lots of great in joke for trekkies like myself, and Scotty even had some pet tribbles! The plot was very sneaky, using what has to be one of the oldest sci-fi tricks in the book to get around any continuity problems and leaving it open to do what ever they want in the future, but I did spot one potential error: I thought it came across that James T. was the first born child of George Kirk, but we know form TOS episode 'Operation Annihilate' that he had an older brother called George, known to Jim as 'Sam'. But never mind! I thought both Spock's were brilliant, and it was lovely to have Leonard Nimoy in the film. I really need to see it again, as I'm sure I missed some things.
I don't really have much else to say right now, other than that I hope to be able to find something to blog about at least once a week, and will try and make posts more targeted with everything from my thoughts on subject I feel strongly about to book and film reviews.


  1. Hmmm. Let me think of an appropriate comment... Bat Sol

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Thumbs up :-) look forward to reading more posts on your blog!

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! You can catch mine at too, where I tend to rant about crap, mostly.

    Where do I find out more about Diffuse F1???

    Twitter id: marktharparms